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Dental cleanings in Anderson

Keeping your mouth clean and healthy is extremely important. A checkup by your Anderson best dentist and a dental cleaning done by your hygienist are vital part of a good oral health plan. However, there are different types of dental cleanings that are done for different reasons. Getting the appropriate type of cleaning is crucial in order to maintain good oral health.

Dental cleanings and periodontal cleanings are both done to achieve good gum health, but they’re done for different purposes. When you see your Anderson best dentist for your biannual checkup you also see your hygienist for your dental cleaning. A regular dental cleaning or prophylaxis is considered to be a preventive measure. It is done to remove plaque, tartar and stains and to prevent periodontal, or gum disease. It should only be done on patients who have good overall oral health. It is not recommended for patients who have periodontal disease, bone loss or infection in their teeth. There can be no bleeding, mobility of teeth, receded areas or teeth exposed. Patients with good dental health should see their dental hygienist for a professional dental cleaning twice a year. A regular cleaning is not appropriate for patients who have periodontal disease. Periodontal cleanings are performed as part of the treatment regimen for patients who have been diagnosed with periodontal disease. A periodontal cleaning, also called periodontal maintenance, is a deep cleaning that is done to thoroughly clean the teeth and stop the progression of periodontal disease. Certain protocol is followed to clean and maintain the gum and bone health of those diagnosed with periodontal disease. The procedure has to be performed approximately three or four times a year depending on certain factors. They include: how quickly the tartar and plaque accumulate, how much inflammation and bleeding there is and if there are any existing health risk factors.

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